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Second Life Page - John Flowerhat

Footballblogger Zelnik is now John Flowerhat

During the first decade of the 2000's I tried out The Second Life virtual world with many other finnish university teacher and developer. 

We made avatars, we hang around  in the world of Second Life, we builded and we met there. We looked at each others and our avatars. When we was in SL, we was a bit like "hippie movement". For some reason, the entire Second Life's enthusiasm seemed to wane in the second decade of the entrance and at least it seems to me that the whole Finnish Second Life community has disappeared from the Internet.

Although we have 2018 Virtual Reality World: with games and virtual glasses, I still think it would be worth trying out the solutions and operating environments, in which users own creativity, making, acting together would be a virtual community at the center.

That's why I thought that Footballblogger Zelnik is back. Since 08/06/2018 My new avatar has been John Flowerhat

Video: Between Two Worlds (with finnish subtitles)

Story about a test in virtual world with Juha, Elisabeth and personnel and inhabitans in Finnish Suomikoti in Florida

Published on Jan 3, 2011
Avatars 2010: My Avatar: Footballblogger Zelnik. Student Elisabeth's Avatar: Dragonpricess Draslov

Video: FBBZ - musicvideo. (with finnish subtitles)

Test of video editor in Microsoft Office
Published on June 9, 2010
My Avatar 2010: Footballblogger Zelnik. Mari's avatar: Maryanne J

Conferens presentation 2011

Conferens presentation in ITK2011 (in finnish)

"Social Councellors and their conducted tour in Second Life"

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